Tombstones & ScaryBones

In a small town, an evil force is planning on world domination. A small group of high school students, armed with special weapons and with the help of their unique pets, will help defeat that evil force. You will fight skeletons, ghosts, werewolves, mummy’s, zombies and many other monsters.
   Tombstones & ScaryBones is a fun spooky game for the whole family. It can be played as a stand alone and will soon be expanded to a RPG style game that will have expanded weapons, skills, monsters, and levels.

​      The Kickstart for this project is now LIVE! Check it out! Help support ! Spread the word! A great game for everyone!


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Concilium De Lux, Titanicus

     Titanicus is my independent comic book that I'm currently working on. So far it's a three year project. The first book will be a 26 page book. The print date will be mid 2017.

     It is a steam-punk, giant robot, giant monster, western, kung-fu, gun fighting, cultist, international, action comic. It has everything I've grown up to love, put together in an awesome ultimate show down between good and evil.

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